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The average person eats 70,000 microplastics each year. plastic has been linked to disrupting hormonal growth and carcinogens.
Now we can greatly reduce our plastic use, lets use less so we eat less of it! Find ways to reduce or eliminate your plastic use here!
Coal is responsible for over 800,000 premature deaths per year globally and many millions more serious and minor illnesses.
Solar is now the cheapest and most abundant energy source in the world. Find new ways to tap into solar power!
Fast food restaurants are surprisingly abundant, particularly in urban food deserts.
Cleaver hydroponic growers can earn money supplying local resturants. Others may supply themselves, or combat food deserts. Explore here!
Once you go electric you never look back. Did you know the first bread toasters were gas fueled!
Explore new devices that make everday living better by being able to quickly refuel with clean electric power!

Dont Let Creator Mythlogy Doom Humaninty

We have a little more than a month to go before the summer heat starts. Right now, the east coast is being hit with its first of what will surely be many heat blast. Yet we still are wrestling with the very idea of man-made climate change being a thing.
The other side in this debate seems to be starting with the mind set of “fill the Earth and subdue it”. Can a mindset like this do anything constructive in a time of climate change?
The book says subdue the earth and it claims to be written by the creator of the earth, as he tells his prized creation how he should relate to this earth and all the things in it. Then the book goes on to demonstrate that its authors had no idea with the earth and stars were, no idea of our relationship to other animals.
What we have learned through observational science, stands in strong contradiction to revelation, profits, or creator mythology, however there is a preferred creator myth that still seems to make its way into the conversation, and it comes with its own set of profits and saints.
If you doubt our reaction to climate change is being hindered by creator mythology perhaps you are missing on some of the ways climate change is being debated, science vs mythology and both sides being held as equal. This earth was not made for us, and is indifferent to us. If we see that we are creating an environment where other species cannot live, we may be amoung them, we are coneected to them.
On the one hand you have scientist making a claim that. They claim that looking at the available models and data, the earth is warming. They share information and models with other scientist around the world. Other scientist can confirm or deny the information and there is a near universal way looking at the differences in data and accounting for them and making the numbers and observation make sense.
From this type of modeling of the world we have the tangible benefits of airflight and medicine, to the intangible understanding of germ theory.
Those arguing that we should focus on using all the fossil fuels available, cut down forest for grazing cows, and pollute the ocean, native lands and black and brown neighborhoods with any manor of waist and expect no consequences because they believe that the earth is made with the well-being of real humans in mind.
If they just happen to act like a child in a highchair and toss their food on the floor, their preferred sky-daddy will appear for them like a parent who will clean up the child’s mess and make all the people they have anxiety or animus for disappear, and they continue to act as a child.
Any society that choses to moor itself to observational science, and human dignity will eventually lose sight of creator mythology. I do not believe that anyone debating our climate or are shared future should bring in the prospective or beliefs of creator gods when the god they are arguing on behalf of is indistinguishable from the 157 pages of creator gods found on Wiki.
Let’s stop pretending that someone who tells us to ignore the dire warnings of climate change is acting in good will. We have to remember that many people who believe in creator mythology also want this world to end.




Fast Food garbage makes up 50% of street, and Pacific Gyre litter. Where can I order from to avoid adding to this problem? We are putting together solutions here!


Vegain Protien

Let’s be honest. Most of us still enjoy the alluring smell and taste of some dead animal’s flesh. Here we all can explore other sources of protein, that also smells and taste great!


E Skate-Boards

So much more clean energy sources available, now you can extend your clean commute with electric skateboards. Way Cool!



Summer is a great time to bike to work. Even better E-bike, all of the joy of outside, with the help of a quite electric motor you might find your zone!


Reduce & Re-Use Plastic

Now we can greatly reduce our plastic use, lets use less so we eat less of it! Find ways to reduce or eliminate your plastic use here!


Urban Garden

Hydro is not just for your weed anymore. Small urban hydroponic gardening is expanding in unexpected ways!